Remediation & Reclamation

Swamp Cats Ltd. understands the sensitivity and complexity associated with environmental construction and remediation/reclamation projects. These projects are unique and we understand and share the commitment that customers have made to preserve and restore the environment. Our personnel have extensive training and are committed to minimizing impacts to the site as a result of construction or remediation activities. Our projects take us to both urban and rural environments, the respect and protection of these areas is our highest priority. We work with our clients in all phases of the project – from planning to assist in the development of solutions, the design and implementation of an eco-plan, and the use of environmentally friendly fluids and lubricants in our equipment.
Swamp Cats Ltd. can provide solutions for:
• Segregation and on-site treatment of impacted soil
• Excavation, transport, and disposal of contaminated material
• Backfill and site restoration
• Pond, landfills, and soil treatment pads construction
• Specialized earthworks for pipeline integrity programs
• Decommissioning & demolition services
• Soil screening and treatment

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Oilfield Services

As energy development continues to expand and improve, so too does the need for our specialized construction services. Swamp Cats Ltd. is proud to offer a wide range of earthworks services to support the responsible development of our natural resources. Swamp Cats Ltd. can provide road, access, and lease construction services to our clients – temporary or permanent. We utilize the latest GPS technology and Heavy Equipment to provide our clients with the highest level of quality while meeting the needs of the construction schedule. Swamp Cats Ltd. is ready to provide to keep our energy sector growing and sustainable by providing services including:
• Road & lease construction
• Process/supply pond construction
• Ice road construction
• Culvert installation/replacement
• Light civil earthworks
• Stream/creek protection and crossings
• Bridge abutments
• As-built survey data
• Gravel crushing & transport

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Residential & Commercial

Residential subdivision development is a fundamental part our continuously growing communities and Swamp Cats Ltd. has been fortunate in helping grow our communities. Providing earthworks solutions that start with breaking ground, Swamp Cats Ltd. performs the following scopes of work:
• Topsoil stripping
• Site grading – cut to fill onsite, import and export of material
• Community lake excavations and grading c/w liner install
• Storm pond excavations and grading
• Topsoil export
• Installation of culvert drainage systems
• Landscaping – topsoil placement
• GPS systems in equipment for fine grading

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With our continuously growing towns and cities, the need for expansion and improvements to our infrastructure system is a never ending process. Swamp Cats Ltd. has been heavily involved in providing earthworks solutions that are helping improve Canada’s Infrastructure. Within Alberta, Swamp Cats Ltd. has proven itself as an expert in moving earth and leaving an imprint on our ever changing landscape. Swamp Cats Ltd. provides the following earthworks services:
• Topsoil stripping
• Site grading – cut to fill onsite, import and export of material
• Truck hauling services
• Demolition – asphalt and concrete breakout and disposal
• Detailed fill placement for roads and embankments
• Detailed excavation for bridge structures
• Detailed backfill of bridge structures
• Highway and road construction
• Airport runway and taxiway construction
• Installation of culvert drainage systems including rip rap placement
• Subgrade preparation
• GPS systems in equipment for fine grading
• Ditch grading
• Erosion and sediment control systems
• Landscaping – topsoil placement
• Supply and install rip rap
• Grading and granular placement for bridge slope protection

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trucking & hauling

With over 40 wheels on our low bed trailer combinations, we have the capacity to move everything from c-cans to large crawlers, excavators, rig shacks, bridges, tanks and all types of heavy equipment. We have an assortment of Low Beds from 12 wheel to 48 wheel combinations hauling all over Alberta which are capable of hauling dozers up to D10’s, as well as Highboy’s and Super B Trailers for Mat Hauling.

Swamp Cats Limited is sure to meet all your service needs with our fleet of over 30 gravel and Low Bed trucks. Winch trucks are also available for the loads that may require extra assistance. All of our trucks are equipped with GPS units for dispatching and safety.

Our Trucking & Hauling Services Include, but are not limited to:
• Heavy Equipment Transport
• Aggregate Supply and Delivery
• Contaminated material removal and hauling

When you need your oilfield equipment or materials moved, you need more than the average truck or flatbed. You need heavy-duty solutions.

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Winter work

Swamp Cats Ltd. are Experts in Winter Access. With nearly 70 percent of Canada’s landmass or about seven million square kilometres being inaccessible by major roads or rail lines, Swamp Cats Ltd. has been successful in providing remote access to Canada’s north for over 20 years. Our crews have the skills and equipment to safely complete any job, big or small while working in the most rugged terrain.

Swamp Cats completes hundreds of kilometres freeze in every year as part of full winter seismic, drilling and OSE core programs, completions, and reflectors, working with new right of way and traditional winter access. Our construction crew has decades of experience setting up temporary bridges, snow making, building snow fills and creek crossings, assuring our client has made the correct decision.

All levels of supervision have a great deal of experience to handle any and all obstacles that may arise throughout the winter months, including warmer weather and changing schedules. We will do everything necessary to ensure the project runs safely, smoothly, and efficiently in all aspects.

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we move the earth

Swamp Cats Ltd. is interested in all earthworks related opportunities and we look forward to future communication regarding becoming one of your qualified service providers. Get in touch with our team to schedule a meeting or quote.