Aboriginal Inclusion

As a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated company, Swamp Cats Ltd. is committed to providing employment and opportunities for our community and Aboriginal persons and business from within our province and across Canada.

Swamp Cats Ltd. is proud to support initiatives that help improve the quality of life and economic health of the communities where we operate.

Developing Aboriginal leaders is necessary to strengthen all aspects of our business and culture. An integral element of our workforce strategy is to grow our leadership capacity and improve the effectiveness of our leaders throughout the company. Our leadership development strategy influences our approach to recruitment, succession planning, and learning and development opportunities that support our people as they grow in their careers.

As an Aboriginal company Swamp Cats Ltd. is committed to working with the Aboriginal community and organizations in our operating area’s to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

We’ve developed long-term relationships and partnerships with our Aboriginal communities that will last well into the future. Swamp Cats Ltd.is committed to providing employment opportunities for local Aboriginal peoples and communication with local Aboriginal communities and representatives to ensure they opportunities are communicated.

Swamp Cats Ltd. is a strong believer that Aboriginal peoples have the moral right to develop an economy within their own culture and their communities, utilizing the inherent land and resources that is rightfully theirs. With business opportunities available in the regions in which we work, Swamp Cats Ltd. utilizes Aboriginal-owned businesses whenever possible.

ABoriginal Hiring

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Swamp Cats Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer, promoting diversity and respect in the workplace. We recognize the history, uniqueness and diversity of the Aboriginal peoples. Positive relationships with Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal employees, and our fellow Aboriginal businesses will assist everyone in realizing their aspirations. Swamp Cats Ltd. maintains goal is always to maintain a high percentage of Aboriginal employees and consistently provide the opportunity for career and self progression for our Aboriginal employees in both their work and personal lives.

Swamp Cats Ltd. values, embraced by our employees, guide our day-to-day relations with Aboriginal communities and employees. These values include open communication, integrity, mutual respect, and making a positive difference by providing long-term career opportunities for all Swamp Cats Ltd. employees, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal alike.